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Full Lengths




"Fill In The Blank" [Gus! Records]



Our First Album. Recorded at White Rose Studios by Tony Whipple. We recorded every song we had written up to this point and just decided to put them all on the album.  Therefore, some "B-side"-esque material is on here. We didn't really have money to do singles so, why not put 'em all on here? Tony did a pretty good job recording this.
There's a free board game inside. If you've played the game and won, or lost to someone else, YOU FAILED! If however, you realized it is impossible to get passed the first two sqaures, congratulations! You are on the same level of high brow humor as us. [Jeremy just pointed out to me that we did not in fact record every song we had. We had an instrumental called "Hawaiian Music" that we played once at a Rec  Center show in Howell and two others that he named that I have no memory of. Sorry, I guess my memory is going.]


"See, We Ain't Done Jack Shit Since High School" [Gus! Records]



Recorded at the magnificent Woodshed Studios by the great Tim Pak. If you are going to record an album, this is the guy. We put a lot of work into this one...and it shows. Songs were more complex and Timy's lyrics got darker while Brian and Jeremy's got more funny. Everybody to the extreme. We also had a great time recording it. It didn't really seem like work at all. [Bonus points to all who find the misprints in the insert! FYI The misprints are not the fault of Ryan Lack who did the layout, but that of ours. No making fun of Ryan Lack, please.]



"Blood Sledge Electric Death Chickens" cassette. [Gus! Records]


Funny story. I made a mix tape of some of our better works to give to Ron from Suburban Delinquents to see if they'd play a show with us and I hand drew a crappy cover. He apparently thought it was an actual release and reviewed it in a zine. People kept asking Jeremy where they could get a tape. [At this point we didn't have anything released yet.] It took a little bit to figure what everyone was talking about but we decided we might as well make an actual tape, so Brian, Jeremy and Tim went to work dubbing tape after tape, and the rest is history. [FYI, it's a different track listing than the one I gave to Ron. However, in both cases all of the songs are on "Fill In The Blank]

 "Somewhere Over That Thing With All The Pretty Colors and Stuff" CD EP [Gus Records]


After Geno left the band, the other three guys finished four songs but never released them before the Chickens official demise. For the reunion show, we burned fifty CDs with these songs on them and gave them away at the show. Since there was no information given with them, I think this would be a good place for that. The track list is as follows:


1. Sunshine Happiness

2. Box Elder Beetles

3. I Have A New Friend

4. Billy

 Timy Jack: Guitars, Vocals, Lead Vocals on 1 & 3

Brian Jack: Drums, Vocals, Lead Vocals on 2 & 4

Jeremy Jack: Bass, Vocals


Ben Frantz: Backing Vocals on 2

Recorded at Woodshed Studios by Tim Pak

All songs written by BSEDC.

[All four songs were played at the reunion show.]







"Music/Sound Vol. 3" [Mood Swing City Records]



Master Of Cheese [Demo Version]

Our Friend Ron owns Mood Swing City Records and The Plastic Box recording studio where this was recorded. I like the way it came out and my drumming is way better on this version than on the LP version. [Although still sloppy!] Oh well.




"210 Miles From Nowhere" [Nevermind... Records]


Bloody Pukes

It Fell Between My Knees



Again, Three songs on "Fill In The Blank." Dave and Dave from The Chirps operate Nevermind...We'll Do It Ourselves Records and invited us onto this compilation. Footnote: My Brother Noys who took over my spot when I quit also has two songs on here. Timy did the art work drawings including the cover. He's awesome.

"Punk Rock For Assholes" [Your Mom's Records]



Sex With Men

Apparently the goal of this compilation was to contain the most offensive songs by each band.The first line of "sex with Men" is "jesus having sex with men."  Mission accomplished!



"What'd You Expect For Free? Vol. 6" [Skratch Magazine]



Breaking Stuff

A compilation I'm sure that was free with Skratch Magazine. There's a lot of well known bands on here too, like A New Found Glory. Hooray! We're famous!




"20 Reasons" [Little Playmate]




This compilation was put out after my departure from the group, so I don't have any details about it. Sorry.





"The Michigan Compilation" [Enerject Records]



Breaking Stuff

Yet another appearance of this song. That's okay because it's a great song. The guys from the band Square One put out this compilation. I'm pretty sure it's out of print but, it is available at the major on-line mp3 stores. It's got a lot of good bands and songs on it. I strongly recommend it.