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So I’m watching the Hentchmen play a killer set at an art show in Ferndale , when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see a very familiar face and it took a second to come out of my daze and realize that it’s Jeremy. I hadn’t seen him in almost ten years but he still basically looks the same. I got super excited and we talked for a while. He caught me up on everything that everybody’s been up to. I haven’t done much so there was nothing to catch up with on my end. We exchange numbers and go on our way.

 A couple of days later, Jeremy calls me and tells me that Timy and Brian are going to be in MI and they were going to do a reunion show. He asks me if I want to take part in the reunion show. Hell yeah, I want to play in the reunion show! I spent the next several weeks attempting to not only relearn all the songs I knew but make new parts for the songs they wrote without me. It was fun and pretty easy since I was a horrible guitar player then and all my parts were easy. The first time I heard the new songs I got really jealous. I think they are by far the best BSEDC songs. The song writing got really good, and they are just great songs.

 Jeremy and I started practicing together at my brother’s house [thanks, Noys.] and Timy came out one week to practice with us. Then in December Brian flew out to Michigan and we packed up and went to Chicago to practice for two hours with Timy two days before the show. Then we all came back and practiced for two more hours right before the show. [Four hours of practice! Preparation is apparently super important.]

 We stopped at Rite-Aid on the way to the show to get Peeps for the “Peeps” food fight. [See video] The He-Bops were the first band and they are neat. They play the music of The Clash and sing Cyndi Lauper lyrics over top of it. Ingenious. Next up was Err. They were LOUD and AWESOME. I loved both of those bands.

 Then we played. For those interested who weren’t at the show, I have included the set list:


  1. Tard Core
  2. It Fell Between My Knees
  3. Box Elder Beetles [with Ben Frantz]
  4. Zombies
  5. Job 51
  6. Pu Pu Platter
  7. I Have A New Friend
  8. ?
  9. Theme
  10.  Tommy Did It
  11.  Evil Bids Fine Adieu
  12.  Sunshine Happiness
  13.  Billy


*** Chicken Croquet***


  1.  Master Of Cheese
  2.  Peeps
  3.  Flanz
  4.  Bust U Ta Pieces
  5.  Bloody Pukes
  6.  Steaming Loaf
  7.  Event Of Catastrophic Proportions
  8.  We Don’t wear Pants
  9.  Cookies And Milk
  10.  Breaking Stuff


***Encore [Kind of]***


  1.  Hang In There, Tough Guy! [with Walt]
  2.  Sex With Men [with Xaina Mulvihill]
  3.  Green Leaf


 We kind of rocked from my perspective but I was having such a good time, we could’ve sucked pretty badly and I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I did however notice Rich from Bourgeois Filth/Suicide Machines/The A-Gang/Hi-Fi Hand Grenades in the audience. He pointed out to me that Scott from Bourgeois Filth was in the audience too. I didn’t recognize him because of his beard and enormous afro. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in ten years or more, but seeing those guys made the night complete for me.

 During the intermission [when I switch from guitar to drums] three people got to play chicken croquet for crappy prizes. I couldn’t tell you who played as I used that time to go to the bathroom. Somebody saw me in the bathroom and asked “aren’t you supposed to be on stage.” It was pretty funny. I made it back to the stage in time to see the game get smashed to pieces.

 The second set was awesome. We ended and were supposed to do an encore but since nobody actually left the stage, I guess we didn’t. We just kept going and did “Sex With Men” and had guest vocalist Xaina Mulvihill and “Hang In There, Tough Guy!” for the first and only time live with special guest vocalist Walt. Some of you may know him as Sting because we’re dicks and kept calling him Sting and making him sing “Police” songs due to his slight resemblance to the pop star.

 We closed with Green Leaf which we only played because over ninety people requested it [Seriously, which is funny because only seventy people came. You know people just requested it so that people that went to the show had to sit through it. BURN!!!] and the sound guy gave us “the light” [all you performers know “the light”] about twenty times, which apparently didn’t phase anyone because we didn’t rush to the end at all. Finally we got to the end and I look up and see Jeremy in mid air, coming right for me. He landed on the drums and me. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. The sound guy didn’t think so. He had really high quality [i.e. expensive] microphones on the drums and was fuming mad. Jeremy told him he would pay for anything that got damaged. The sound guy checked everything and nothing was damaged and Jeremy smoothed it over with him. For good measure I went over and talked to him to make sure we were okay. He was totally fine once he knew everything was okay. Just to make sure nobody would be mad at us, Jeremy, Brian, Ben Frantz and I stayed to pick up all the Peeps and Chicken Croquet pieces and whatever else was on the floor. Someone apparently broke a glass and I cut my hand open pretty badly on it in the dark. We packed up and got out of there pretty fast.

 We all had so much fun and I’ve been hoping maybe we can do it again. Maybe we won’t wait ten years either!!!




Here's one of the "Peeps" food fight, "Flanz" and U Ta Pieces" from the reunion show. [Filmed By Xaina. Thank You, Xaina.]
...and one of "We Don't Wear Pants" [Goodbye dignity.]
...and one of "Event Of Catastrophic Proportions"

 ...and one of "Theme" [watch for Geno messing up the vocals and Timy looking at him like he is an idiot. He does a pretty good slide solo though.]